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Mar 2021-Present

Dhar Mann Studios

3D Modeler

I am working on an unannounced animation production with a new division of Dhar Mann Studios. My tasks include hard-surface modeling (props and environments), character modeling, textures creation, contributing ideas, and daily communication/teamwork.

Jan 2021-Feb 2021

Nexus Studios

Character Modeler

I had the pleasure of working on some of the characters for the animated short film "Drawn Closer." My tasks were to create clothing, hair, and accessories that both fit the concept art and brought out the features of the real person that the character was based on. 


Full Sail University

Computer Animation Major

My focus at Full Sail was Character Modeling. In addition, I learned about the animation pipeline, hard-surface modeling and texturing, various 2D art skills, basic rigging, 3D animation, and more. I excelled while there, getting straight A's and several different awards (please see the section below).

Awards and Affiliations

Advanced Achiever Award

Full Sail University

Course Director Award ~ Art History

Full Sail University

Course Director Award ~ Project & Portfolio I

Full Sail University

Course Director Award ~ Fundamentals of Art II

Full Sail University

Course Director Award ~ History of Visual Communication

Full Sail University

National Society of Collegiate Scholars

Skills & Software


~Hand-painted textures


~Different styles

~Traditional art 

~Adobe Photoshop




~Substance Painter


Social Media

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